King Brunston Gelzar

Ruler of the Kingdom of Thrabur


The Gelzar family has ruled the Kingdom of Thrabur for the last 400 years. King Brunston is the third of four living children. It is common that the most able child takes the throne when succession is determined, Brunston was by far the most able to lead his kingdom after the death of his brother Duke Belmas.

Brunston is married to Queen Malina Gelzar and they have seven children. His children are as follows:

  • age 23: Prince Lance

  • age 22: Prince Mallin

  • age 19: Princess Nennia

  • age 15: Prince Sanon

  • age 12: Prince Felgrant

  • age 7: Princess Zenal

  • age 3: Prince Coris

King Brunston Gelzar

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