The Kingdom of Thrabur

One of the larger kingdoms in the world of Quadrohenia. This kingdom is comprised by a majority of those of younger races [humans, haflings] with a generous mix of those of the elder races [elves, dwarves]. This kingdom has been able to achieve a tenuous peace among the races through a strong, and more often than not, fair system of laws.

Thrabur is allied and active trading partners with the kingdoms of Oartreyon and Lerest. Thrabur has sent military support numerous times when these domains were threatened by raiding parties from Gooland.

There is a history of conflict between Thrabur and the kingdom of Wesbrion, but there have been a few years of relative peace between the sides recently.

There is a strong animosity between this kingdom and the kingdom of Gooland, and the kingdom of Nevarst. Although there is a grudging respect for the fighting ability of Nevarst.

Thrabur is at peace with the the elven and dwarven kingdoms. Most human dominated kingdoms can make this claim though as the elves and dwarves tend to keep to themselves and limit interaction to quarterly trading festivals.


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